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Freedom has many names. They include the names of the men and women who have answered their country's call to service and defended freedom with their lives. In Colorado we know freedom by over 6000 different names. They are our own sons and daughters who left the mountains of home and did not return. Without proper recognition those names will be forgotten and the over 6000 will be lost for a second time.

The Colorado Freedom Memorial is dedicated to veterans from our state who have been killed in military action. Etched on her glass walls will be the names of freedom. Privates, Generals, MIAs, all wars and all branches of service honored in one place. There is no memorial in America like it.

The cost of constructing this remarkable monument is $1.5 million dollars. Here's how you can help us raise that amount. Placing each name on the wall costs about $230. We encourage you to sponsor a name or two. Get your civic group, veterans organization or office to contribute and challenge others to do the same. Make it a family project to honor a Colorado veteran who gave so much.

It's very simple to be involved with the "Names of Freedom" Campaign.

  1. Print this page or jot down the website address and take it to the next meeting of your civic organization or veteran's post. Suggest donating $230 to sponsor a name, or hold an event to collect money to add several names. Challenge other posts to do the same.
  2. Gather your co-workers and suggest that the office make a donation as a way of honoring those that defended the freedoms we enjoy today. Make the donation in honor of the veterans in your office that served their country.
  3. Make it a family project to collect the money to sponsor a name, and then teach your children about the conflicts represented on the memorial, and what their own family did during the wars.

Once you've collected your donations, send them to:

Colorado Freedom Memorial
P.O. Box 472333
Aurora, Colorado  80047

To learn more about the "Names of Freedom" program, make a donation or ask about other ways to be involved with the Colorado Freedom Memorial, call the Project Manager, Diane Crandall, at 303-248-3990.

Together, sponsoring one name at a time, we can honor the Names of Freedom.

Know their names... Honor their deeds

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